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Chinese scientists develop purple rice using novel gene stacking system (28 June 2017)
Researchers in China have developed a genetic engineering approach capable of delivering many genes at once and used it to make rice endosperm produce high levels of anthocyanin. The resulting purple endosperm rice holds potential for decreasing the risk of certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other chronic disorders.

World hunger on the rise again, reversing years of progress (3 July 2017)
The number of hungry people in the world has increased since 2015, reversing years of progress, FAO Director-General Josť Graziano da Silva told member states today at the opening of the agency's biennial conference.

Increasing food production without damaging the environment (30 May 2017)
To achieve sustainable development we must transform current agriculture and food systems, including by supporting smallholders and family farmers, reducing pesticide and chemical use, and improving land conservation practices, FAO Director-General Josť Graziano da Silva said today addressing European lawmakers.

Overlooked water loss in plants could throw off climate models (28 June 2017)
Errors could cause researchers to overestimate the rate of photosynthesis when water is scarce.

Chinese scientists develop high antioxidant purple rice thru genetic engineering (5 July 2017)
Scientists from South China Agricultural University successfully developed purple rice rich in antioxidants.

Digital farming attracts cash to agtech startups (9 May 2017)
The agricultural technology sector experienced the biggest year to date in number of deals, says a report published January 31 by online investment marketplace AgFunder. Seed-stage companies in the sector saw an unprecedented $230 million in investment in 2016 alone.

Innovation hub ranking reveals global divide (30 June 2017)
Four of top five innovation clusters are from asia-pacific region. India features in top 100 but other world regions lag behind. Innovation measures changing to reflect new models and variables.

Brazilís transgenic sugarcane stirs up controversy (20 June 2017)
Sugarcane borer causes losses of around US$ 1.5 billion per year. Experts warn of lack of environmental impact studies in Brazil. Damage to biodiversity, including non-target insects, is among potential risks.
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