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Highlighting forests' vulnerability to invasive species (2 March 2017)
After habitat destruction, invasive alien species are the second biggest threat to biodiversity worldwide. They have a significant impact on livelihoods and the economy, with losses from the impact on all ecosystems on a global scale estimated at USD$1.4 trillion a year.

Egypt produces jet biofuel from jatropha (27 February 2017)
Researchers at Egypt’s National Research Centre have produced a biofuel suitable for aeroplanes after successful semi-industrial experiments conducted last December.

Determining climate effects on US total agricultural productivity (6 March 2017)
We quantify the national economic consequences of past climate variations, identify critical agricultural regions with national significance, and project future changes in TFP under different climate scenarios. We provide a physical understanding of these climate−economic links, show that the agricultural economy is becoming increasingly sensitive to climate, and lay a more concrete foundation for informed decision-making (auth.)

Webinar: Integrating Biosafety Into NBSAPs And Other Conservation Planning Tools - Presentation, Recording And Resources
On 25 October 2016, the NBSAP Forum hosted the second of three webinars on 'Using Conservation Planning to Address Biosafety and Access to Genetic Resources'. In this session, led by Mr. Peter Deupmann (SCBD), the participants had the opportunity to hear and discuss on Integrating Biosafety into NBSAPs and Other Conservation Planning Tools

Nutrition expert says gm crops can help the Philippines meet nutritional requirements (8 march 2017)

Dr. Milton Stokes, Director for Global Health and Nutrition Outreach of Monsanto, said that genetically modified (GM) crops can help the Philippines meet its nutritional requirements

Global harvests strong but hunger persists amid chronic conflict zones (2 March 2017)
Global food supply conditions are robust, but access to food has been dramatically reduced in areas suffering civil conflicts, while drought conditions are worsening food security across swathes of East Africa, according to the new edition of FAO's Crop Prospects and Food Situation report

Poor fisheries struggle with U.S. import rule (10 March 2017)
Exporting nations will have trouble achieving and documenting compliance

Challenges of S&T system reform in China (10 March 2017)
By many measures, Chinese scientific and technological (S&T) development is surging forward at a remarkable rate. Yet, Chinese political leaders have shown increasing impatience, concerned that the research and innovation systems that emerged after reforms from the mid-1980s through the 1990s focused on “technological catch-up” rather than genuine innovation.

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