Asia-Pacific Consortium on Agricultural Biotechnology

APCoAB, a programme of Asia Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI), is an apolitical forum with a goal to enhance the benefits of biotechnologies for sustainable agricultural development in the Asia-Pacific region, through greater stakeholder partnerships, improved policy environment, enhanced capacity building and greater public awareness.

Biosafety Regulations for GM Crops in Asia-Pacific

This is a rewritten, updated and enlarged version of previous APCoAB publication “Biosafety Regulations of Asia-Pacific Countries”. It gives brief details of the regulatory instruments comprising laws/acts/decrees/regulations/rules related to biosafety of GM crops existing in 48 countries of Asia and the Pacific. The contents comprise chapters: 1) Status of Genetically Modified Crops in Asia-Pacific, 2) International Developments in Biosafety Regulation, 3) Biosafety Regulations in Asia-Pacific Countries, 4) Risk Assessment Frameworks: Some Case Studies, 5) Trade-Related Issues in GM Crops, and 6) Biotechnology and Biosafety in Asia-Pacific - The Way Forward.